A Trip to Cameroon - Day 11

March 30, 2018

On the last day, Georgia and Anna got to complete a few projects. Georgia completed the paper bad puppet lizards while Anna helped in cutting out some paper legs and eyes. The results were adorable as the children loved them. In the afternoon, Anna got the chance to partake in a small activity in making small pipe cleaner dolls. The kids had a blast, and Anna loved working with the kids! Anna left some pipe cleaners for the kids to enjoy with their friends.

Filled with a plethora of activities ranging from tennis to arts, everyone had a blast on the trip.

On the last day, Anna states, "I'm gonna miss these guys!"

A Trip to Cameroon - Day 10

March 13, 2018

Upon arrival at the wall on Thursday, they were greeted with an abundance of hugs from the kids. At the wall they hit with roughly 7 kids. They participated in basic drills as most kids were at school. After lunch, they returned to the wall to see all the other kids who just finished school and were there to play 3 hours of tennis. After 30 minutes, Cinda, Georgia, Anna, and Paige left for Souza where they played soccer and tennis. Unfortunately, the group had to say their goodbyes to everyone as this was their last visit to Souza for the trip.

A Trip to Cameroon - Day 9

March 13, 2018

On Thursday, the group went back to Souza to see the kids again. Here they participated in more tennis and activities. The kids had a great time!

A Trip to Cameroon - Day 8

March 13, 2018

Wednesday morning they visited Brother Lucus and a local school. Also, computers were handed out to help further education. A special thanks goes out to Alex and anyone else who helped supply the computers!

A Trip to Cameroon - Day 7

March 4, 2018

On Tuesday, they went to Bononjo Tennis Club located in Douala. Cinda worked with Valorie and Ashley who were some of the top girls in the program.

Video coming soon...

A Trip to Cameroon - Day 6

March 4, 2018

On Monday, everyone including staff joined in to dye fabric as the kids had the day off from tennis. After dyeing scarves, they moved to their clothes. Anna and Paige helped with this while Cinda spent the day at the wall in Bonoberi. On the same day, they handed out soap, shampoo, and gift bags. The gift contained a variety of supplies such as markers, pens, and erasers that can be used for drawing and much more. A special thank you to Jennifer Carleton & Lexie who supplied and assembled the gift bags. A big thanks goes out to Tammy as well, who helped supply the shampoo and conditioner.

A Trip to Cameroon - Day 5

March 4, 2018

On Sunday, the group visited Bononjo, a tennis club located in Douala. Cinda, Georgia, Paige, and Anna joined in to play tennis with the kids. Later while Cinda coached, Anna and Georgia taught the group how to play the game of Uno and Paige taught the kids how to make bracelets.

A Trip to Cameroon - Day 3

February 16, 2018

Friday was a very busy day in Cameroon. In the morning, Cinda, Georgia, Anna, and Paige visited the wall at Joseph's house. The wall is a happy place where children can congregate, play tennis, and have a good time.

They also met an OTA Academy player named Ashley. While Cinda worked with Ashley, Georgia, Anna, and Paige talked with the kids.

They alsotouched base with the women cooking in Joseph's house. Later in the day, they went to a press release about their visit to OTA along with a couple of professional instructors. At the end of the day, they went back to the wall where they worked with roughly 50 kids.

A Trip to Cameroon - Day 2

February 15, 2018

Upon arrival in Cameroon, the crew received a very warm welcome wherever they went. Today, they visited Souza and after getting a tour of the facility, Cinda reunited with the kids and began coaching. Paige and Anna joined to play tennis with the kids. Meanwhile, Georgia talked with Souza's chef and got to sample some of her cooking and fresh pineapple. When it was time to leave they received many warm hugs from the kids. It was a great first day!

A Trip to Cameroon - Day 1

February 14, 2018

After many meetings and preparations, the time has come for the trip to Cameroon to begin! Excited, eager, and ready, the contingent from Maine arrive at the airport to begin their journey.

More to come in the following days!

Fundraiser in Maine

February 13, 2018

Final fundraiser in Maine before trip to Africa! Tennis games and round robin matches, led by Bowdoin men's and women's team members, provided a great time for all participants!

Donated computers will find their new homes in much needed places to help educate young children in local organizations as well as internationally.

Donated school supplies and gift bags with writing and coloring supplies for children in Africa will be distributed by the team upon arrival.

TWOB volunteers help with final preparations to trip to Africa!

Kick-Off Meeting - A Trip to Africa

January 20, 2018

Tennis Without Borders kick-off meeting to prepare for the upcoming trip to Cameroon in 2018! More to come as preparations continue...